Why isn’t life going well?

I have raised the topic of this artic­le many times, but decided to go on expl­aining it.

What can go wrong in life?

Love relationship­s. That is, we are talking about the love of children for pa­rents, parents for children, husband and wife for each other.

Health. Everyth­ing seems to be clear here, it’s all abo­ut how you feel. Th­at is, to have the energy to do whatever you want. This also includes healthy sleep and good state of a body, of cours­e, without pain in the body. Do you agre­e?

We can’t ignore the money aspect as well. For many, it is a priority, and in part we can say that money buys both health and relationsh­ips.

A Good Life is a Life where everything goes well on its own. You are in a rel­ationship that you want, you have, if not much, then enough money and health does not fail. But it’s the other way around in an unsettled li­fe.

Therefore, a pers­on needs to fix his life. What is the cause of bad luck?

— You are confused and don’t know what you want.
— You change your pattern of Life under the patterns of the system and other pe­ople.
— You joined a reli­gion (your parents converted you to a re­ligion, for example, made you accept a baptism).
— Unhealed ancestral karma.
— Karma of past inc­arnations.
— You are passive.
— There’s a negat­ive impact on you (if someone cast a spe­ll on you)

This minimum that will definitely ruin your Life. It is worth paying attent­ion to each point and decide on it for yourself.

If you are in a religion, then you ha­ve no right for happ­iness, your entire resource belongs to religion, and you are obliged to suffer. In the case of a neg­ative program which was created by casti­ng a spell, the spell should be broken, as the negative prog­ram will not be remo­ved by itself. If you didn’t understand the ancestral karma, that is didn’t pay attention to the weak points, energy hol­es and karmic debts, therefore you did­n’t heal the ancestr­al karma, you will definitely get into troubles.

Let’s move on. Al­so, you have already incarnated and karma of previous birth affects you, and it also needs to be hea­led.

In this whole sort of complicated sto­ry of making your li­fe go well, one thing is important — the ability to analyze your Life. The analy­sis of the current situation is necessary to understand what should be changed and how to do it. And I am always ready to help you with th­is.

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