Why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer

This article is important since every religious person says to me: «You Polyn tell us wrong things that religions promise people poverty, look Polyn there are so many rich Christians. Explain Polyn, why things are like that».

I shall start my explanation from the words of the religion whose followers share their doubts with me, as their religion does not allow them to know the Truth.

«Tell you that everyone who is rich will be given more, and the one who is poor will be deprived of what one has».

(Mt 13, 12 Mt 25, 29 Mk 4, 25 Lk 8, 18)

Read carefully and it is better to read several times.

And what can you see, good people?  Having the eyes cannot be considered as a blind, because, if he lies to himself that cannot see the words of his own religion, justifies false prophets and false teachings, will start suffering from blindness.

Why does a religion take much more from the poor and give much more to the rich?

Firstly, the rich have long lasting inexhaustible resources and a strong Kindred Spirit. It is not possible to take them at once and so a religious god starts cheating, slowly and gradually milking out what is not his own.  When a Kindred is very resourceful, thief’s deeds cannot be seen easily. Secondly, the rich give themselves their money for construction of churches, for the cars to priests and so on.  Where did the rich take such resources from?   This is a Kindred’s blessing since Gods give wealth.  Now I will explain you in details.

So Gods give wealth to a Kindred and an ignorant person gives the wealth away to a religion. Wealth is always from Gods. The word itself says so (in Russian word). Kindred Gods help and give the resources. But not a single God takes wealth, he can only give it.   In addition, a God from any pantheon, provided that properly cooperated (let’s leave this subject to knowing people), will grant wealth, but what is important, will never take wealth from a person.

Let’s remember what will do the ones who cannot earn but want to eat. They go to steal or beg alms. Well, then Gods have enormous resources, and, of course, they do not have to steal from people or to beg alms. However, in a religion an alleged god goes for human resources. Is poverty and suffering a giving to a religious… god? Of course, no, that is not about a god at all. He was called a god for the sake of collecting givings in the form of sufferings and other resources including money and even family values and relatives’ casualties.

Pay attention to the Jesus statement (the god of Christians), this is not only about money, but about everything. However, all the rich people who give away their resources to a religion take them out from their own Kindred deenergizing their descendants.

I made you aware. Forewarned is forearmed. Therefore, do not say that you did not know that. Did not know and did not read.

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3 комментария

  • lagerthaeng
    05.01.2021 at 18:51

    Thank you for all that knowledges, dear Alena Polyn, that you are giving to us. It gives the mankind hope!

  • maura
    13.01.2021 at 00:31

    Religion suck energy from all people! Money is the strongest energy object! Thank you for explaining what happens with rich people, when they are in religion.

  • starcom
    09.02.2021 at 08:22

    Religions are so insatiable! They build churches everywhere and non stop. They want more slaves, more suffering, more pain… But Faith came back and we know the truth about religions. People, come back to Life, come back to Faith.