Why there’s no justice

I cannot avoid touching upon this question in my article as it’s of high importance for many people. Most people know that there’s no justice among legislation establishments.

Judges stopped giving fair trial long ago and are guided by other assessments and conclusions. Police… Mentioning it brings a series of negative pictures in peoples’ minds, the same association arises with GAI (State Automobile Inspectorate). All state structures either do not interact with people at all, or just send runaround letters to their inquires. For some reason there’s no justice at all. Why then?

Justice (in Russian ‘справедливость’ [sp-Ra-ved-livost’]) means to have knowledge following the Ra path. Who follows the Ra path now? Nobody!

I’d like to draw your attention to the fact that most state officials have christian icons hanging on the walls of their establishments and even in hospitals as well. This fact shows that liars will meet you there. Every religion is a leverage for controlling slaves or sheep; they take people for slaves, considering crowd to be faceless livestock, which should be controlled to their own advantage.

Justice can be found when one knows about the Ra path, that is the flows of luminaries, giving ability to live in a righteous way. A righteous person has inner principles not allowing him or her to lie, to betray, to steal and to do a series of other actions that the poor in spirit do.

Alas, now mostly the population is of poor spirit, therefore there’s no justice.

The Soul literally aches because of injustice taking place everywhere. Deception, betrayal and of course people just do not carry out their obligations, which brings many consequent problems and misfortunes.

Let’s bring justice back. It is possible only if we come back to Faith instead of all this filth of religion and futile people. Because the world has now divided; there are religious slaves, there are shallow people who go the pace and there are people who having lost their faith in everything just keep poor existence.

The Faith will bring the Life back and make people happy. Let’s take proper actions to make it happen. For the Faith’s sake!

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