Without the Lord you won’t step a threshold

Many of you have probably heard the expression «Without the Lord you won’t step a threshold». I also heard it repeatedly. And the other day someone wrote this expression to me on a social network, confidently saying that only Christian god exists. Let’s deal with this well-known expression.

The threshold has always been extremely important — it is the entrance into your personal world and the exit from it, the gate to what no one will see or know, so to speak, the small state — a family where you are the ruler. The threshold is used for hanging amulets and callings. Everyone knows about the Power of the threshold, or rather they did. Now few people understand how to protect their threshold.

Before going somewhere, people turned to various Forces for help. These were both road spirits and those who were already of the Divine level, such as Nikola, as well as, of course, the Sun.

The Sun is the material manifestation of the Creator on the Earth. Later on the eye became the symbol of the Sun, but as far as you can understand, in fact, this is the eye of God; pay attention that it is not about religious God.

Thus, turning to the Sun, people asked to illuminate their path. Hence we understand that without god you won’t cross the threshold (step outside), or before going somewhere it is necessary to turn to God, as to the Creator and his manifestation on Earth in the form of the Sun, that will illuminate your path.

As you can see, there is nothing about religion. And how religious god — a sadist that demands animals, people, or his son as a sacrifice, can illuminate the paths. Have you ever thought about it?

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