There are so many things in the word ‘worldview’! In Russian, «мировоззрение» ([mirovozzreniye], Eng. worldview) consists of «мир» ([mir], Engl. world) and «зрение» ([zreniye], Engl. Vision/sight) thus meaning «зрение на мир» (vision of the World).

All of us possess vision and have the same World yet for some reason we each have different worldview. Does it mean that somebody forms the view of the World? Of course, it is impossible to see the World identically. The main factors that form the worldview are as follows:

  • experience of a past incarnation;
  • family;
  • religion;
  • society.

Reflect on your four personal factors that shape your life.

Few have memories of their past life experience yet the soul nonetheless focuses on it. There are many opportunities to remember but not everyone uses them.

The family is also formed based on your past incarnations as well as challenges of the current one.

The family and society impose religion. Later you choose the one that suits for you if you ever bother thinking about it. Even if you don’t think of it, you still have a commitment against the religion which was inculcated by your parents. I do mean that religion was inculcated because a ritual was performed.

Society is the energy of the community that affects the weak.

I recommend that you shape your view of the world based on your personal experience. The Faith will give you Power for everything!

Alyona Polyn,

Conductor of Faith

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3 комментария

  • edelweiss
    12.11.2019 at 12:08

    Thank you!

  • maura
    07.01.2020 at 17:17

    The view of the world can unite people or bring to wars. It is important to form the world view on the basis of the initial true Faith, in order not to be the puppet in somebody’s hands. Thank you for speaking about this theme!

  • smile
    16.02.2020 at 16:11

    I often wonder what my experience from past lives was like. I started rely on personal experience just a short time ago. The influence of society had played a huge role before. The eternal phrase «What will people think/ say?» To be honest, it is not easy to stop ignoring the dogmas of society, sometimes they have become a habit. Thanks to Your knowledge, I grow spiritually in spite of society. Thanks!